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  • Cosmic Bowling at Irvine Lanes - July 26, 2013

    If you’re looking for a fun, affordable night out with friends check out Cosmic Bowling at Irvine Lanes. This fun late night event will bring out the competitive side in your loved ones and offer hours of affordable entertainment. For just $11 you can enjoy bowling from 9:30pm-12am, a great deal! For direstions click here. […]

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  • Linda and Greg Sirianni, Laguna Niguel

    A job transfer brought us to CA from the East coast last year, and we arrived not knowing much about the area except that it looked like a beautiful place to live. We met Grant Bixby by a lucky coincidence while inquiring about one of his listings. From the beginning, he was both friendly and […]

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Dear Visitor,

Migrant workers in Orange County orange groves (before this was "The OC") circa 1910.

Welcome to, the place for topical real estate content grounded in reality. For the Internet savvy, there are myriad sites where one can obtain real estate data for any given area. What is typically lacking is context and interpretation. This is where I come into play. While I am based in the Newport Beach and coastal Orange County marketplace, much of what you’ll read here is applicable to real estate as a whole.

On this site you’ll find Posts under:

  • Get Real–Neighborhood Spotlights, Sales Trends, general Real Estate commentary &  info
  • Short Sales–Inside scoop on the ins-and-outs of short sales
  • Rad Pads–Properties with unique architectural, design, and siting in Coastal Orange County
  • Webinars–Interactivewebucational” offerings on a weekly basis (coming soon!)
  • NHHS Beacon–Bixby Residential Journalism Scholarship Competition for Newport Harbor High School Seniors (begins Fall 2010)
  • Newport 365–Daily Post with local knowledge of 365 Things to do in Newport Beach, CA.

If you are now, or will soon be a buyer or seller, visit to learn more. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy BixbyBlog and stick around long enough to learn something new, or at least be entertained and amused while visiting.

All the best,

Grant Bixby

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